Guacamole Dip....THE Thing To Have In Athens Night Out

Guacamole is a very common dip around the Texas - Mexican area. There are many ways to make it. My easiest and quickest way goes like this.

 You will need:
Serves many as a dip.
-  2 ripe avocados.
-  Juice of one lemon.
-  2 onions quartered.
-  1 tomato quartered.
-  Salt, freshly ground black pepper.
-  1 tsp. cayenne pepper.
-  1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce.
-  1 Tbsp. olive oil.
-  Cut the two ripe avocados lengthwise in two. Throw away the seed, scrape all the avocado out into the blender bowl.
-  Combine the rest of the ingredients into the same blender bowl and blend using the vertical hand held blender.
-  Regulate salt and cayenne and transfer to the serving bowl.
-  Cut as many tortillas, pita bread into triangles and toast them. You can use chips or crisps (depending who's reading this) if you wish.
Add cap
-  Refrigerate the guacamole and keep bread warm.
-  Serve on a nice big in diameter plate with the guacamole bowl in the middle.
-  Put the toasted bread around the guacamole bowl.
Serve with your favorite cocktails,


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