Prosciutto Di Parma Salad.....Perfect For Dinner

Prosciutto Di Parma With Very Thin Slices Of Carrot
And Iceberg Lettuce
Q: What could you eat for dinner when you had a big lunch ??
A:  A Prosciutto Di Parma Salad.
You will need:
Serves 2
-  1 small iceberg lettuce, washed and torn by hand into bite size pieces.
-  2 carrots sliced very thinly using the potato peeler.
-  4 slices of Prosciutto Di Parma.
-  4  Grissini bread sticks.
-  Any dressing you like.
-  Mix iceberg lettuce with the carrots.
-  Wrap the prosciutto around the grissini bread.
-  Add dressing.
-  Serve as shown in picture above.


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