Bread Pudding.....Using Up Old Bread

By Maria:

As bread is holy, it would be a sin to throw it away when it is stale and old so we have to either buy what we can actually eat in order to renew every day, or if there is a forgotten piece we ought to think of something to do with it.  we can either put it in the oven and dehydrate it completely, or cut it in cubes and use it in a sweet. My mom gave me the following recipe:
You will need:
-  4 cups milk.
-  1/2 cup brown sugar.
-  2 Tbsp. honey. (If honey is difficult to find, then use 3/4 cups brown sugar instead of 1/2).
-  90 gms of cubed stale bread.
-  6 eggs.
-  1/2 raisins.
-  1/2 fresh cream.
-  Soak raisins and bread cubes in hot milk and let cool.
-  Add sugar, honey and set aside.
Preparation of the caramel:
-  7 Tbsp. sugar and 4 Tbsp. water and caramelize the walls of the mold.
-  Beat eggs.
-  Add beaten eggs and cubed bread to cooled milk.
-  Add to caramelized round mold.
-   Place in bain marie in oven at 200 degrees Centigrade for one hour.
-  When time is over test for doneness with wooden skewer.
-   Let cool then use torch to un-mold.
For the Banana-Chocolate sauce:
-  3  ripe bananas.
-  1 Tbsp. lemon juice.
-  1/3 cup raisins.
-  1/3 cup brown sugar.
-  150 grms of kitchen chocolate.
-  2/3 cup fresh cream 35% fat.
-  Blend bananas, raisins, sugar.
-  In bain-marie melt chocolate with cream to make a ganache.
-  Add to the ganache the banana mix.
Tip: if you want it more fluid add some cream.


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