What R We Going To Have For Dinner Today??....A Big Question For Many Families.

Around 7 pm every day the same question arises: "What are we going to have for lunch or dinner  tomorrow??". 
You would want to keep your fridge and pantry equipped most of the time with as many necessities that could be used at the last minute to prepare something quick. Such as:
Eggs  -   fresh vegetables -  milk  -  fresh cream  -  yogurt  -  cheeses -  hams and sausages - Paté.
Deep Freeze:  
Frozen vegetables including mushrooms,  accumulated sauces as I suggested in one of my postings, sea food which thaws quickly. Then you would have your pork, chicken, beef, liver, turkey breast etc.
Pantry stuff:
Pasta of all kinds including chinese noodles  -  different types of rice  -  tomato paste  -  cartons of tomato cut up in stmall pieces in juice  -  canned sardines or tuna  -  chicken /  beef broth cubes  -    pulses  -  potatoes  -  sugar  -  flour and anything you can think of that you feel is necessary for your meals.
So if at the last minute you still haven't decided what to cook or you forgot to thaw anything from your freezer the night before, or suddenly you have guest,  then you can put together something nice.  That's where imagination and quick thinking kicks in. 
Therefore the better your fridge, freezer, pantry is stocked the easier it is to prepare. So you would want to check everything once a week and replenish. 
The following is a meal you could fix with ingredients you already have at home: Country sausage, mashed potatoes and broccoli. 
Grilling Country Sausages On
Gas Stove Grill
Serving plate

For a company of five you will need:

-  5 Country Sausages
-  2 kg potatoes, peeled, cut in four, very well boiled, mashed with potato masher, 1 cup milk, some freshly grated nutmeg, salt and white pepper. mixed well. Butter or sour cream can be added separately at table according to taste.
-  2 big branches of broccoli, steamed "al dente" in cous-cous pot.
Serve with home made mustard-mayonaise for the sausages (my recipe dated April 2nd 2011).


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