Simple Mashed Potatoes.........A Secret Revealed !

I love mashed potatoes. Some call this very important side dish, pure, others call it cement because as you serve yourself from the bowl, you have to literally shake it off the serving spoon onto your plate just like with cement when laying bricks. And sometimes when you are clumsy, as I am, it may land on your neighbor's head or lap!
Mashed potatoes are not just potatoes which are mashed. They should be treated with love and care in order to produce a delicious velvet texture that has a few lumps inside to show that they are made from fresh potatoes.
I will share with you the general way to make this special delicious texture.
You will need:
Potatoes, milk or fresh cream, butter, salt, white pepper, and nutmeg.
-  Peel the potatoes and wash them well
-  Cut and boil them till they practically fall apart.
-  Drain,  return to the pot.
-  Use the special utensil as shown in the pictures below to mash as best as possible.

-  If you are in a hurry and just want mashed potatoes, at this point just add just enough milk to be quickly absorbed by the potatoes (very little milk). Serve and add a lump of butter at table.
The secret however:
-  If you wish to go the extra mile after mashing, start beating with an electric hand beater.
-  Add fresh cream instead of milk, enough to be quickly sucked in  by the potatoes while beating.
-  Continue beating, add a good lump of good quality butter, season with salt , white pepper and nutmeg, cover till it is time to serve. Mix, ..... ready!
Note: The beater aeriates the potatoes and makes them fluffy.
Note1: The mashed potatoes must not be fluid but stiff.
Mashed potatoes are usually served with meats cooked in sauce.


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