Baby Cuttlefish Souvlaki.........Something Fishy?

No. 1   Baby Cuttlefish

No. 2  Braising The Cuttlefish
With White Wine

No. 3  Ready To Pass Through
The Skewers
No. 4  Cuttlefish On A Stove Top

When you are lucky to find baby cuttlefish as opposed to the big huge ones as shown in one of my pictures in the slide show, you can make delicious grilled cuttlefish. Cuttlefish takes time to cook meaning that they will not cook if you put them straight on the grill.  So you braise them first then you grill them so that you will obtain both tastes of braised and grilled together which is delicious. 
You will need:
Serves 4
-  32 baby cuttlefish.
-  Some olive oil
-  1/2 cup of dry white wine.
-  1 yellow bell pepper cut in 1 inch squares.
-  1 red bell pepper cut in 1 inch squares.
-   salt, pepper, dry thyme and just a touch of cayenne.
-  Wash well cuttlefish under running water.
-  Dry with kitchen paper.
-  Stir fry in a little olive oil on high heat for about 5 minutes.
-  Add the wine, salt, pepper, cayenne, and thyme. Lower heat, simmer for 20 minutes.
-  There should not be any sauce left. 
-  Pass each cuttle fish through the skewer placing a different color bell pepper  square after each cuttlefish.
-  Place the 4 skewers on a very hot grill for 5 minutes on each side. 
Serve with basmati rice and a green salad.


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