Spinach With Rice........Totally Vegetarian!

After having corrected my yesterday's mistake, and still remaining on the theme of spinach because I simply love spinach in any way or form, I will share with you a very simple recipe: spinach with rice.
You will need:
Serves 4
-  1.5 kg fresh spinach, washed three times to get rid of all the sand and earth, and roughly chopped.
-  1/2 cup rice.
-  1/2 cup Olive oil (prefer Greek extra virgin Kalamata olive oil)
-  3 spring onions finely sliced including as much of the green part as possible.
-  1 medium onion finely chopped.
-  1 bunch fresh dill.
-  Salt and pepper.
-  In a large pot, add all the oil, heat, add spring onions and onion stir fry till they are soft.
-  Add spinach and keep stirring till it has wilted.
-  Add the dill, stir and mix.
-  Add the rice and cook for 20 minutes covered at minimum heat till the rice cooks. No water added because the spinach will expel all its liquids.
In my humble opinion any light Rosé would do just fine.
Bon Appétit
P.S.  I have to keep remembering to take pictures of my dishes after I cook them!!! Sorry no picture.


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