Save Your Left Over Sauces.

If you are a person or a family who enjoys sauces then I would definitely suggest you to keep left over related sauces in the deep freeze as follows:
-  You made a tomato based sauce A and you have left over sauce. Deep freeze it.
-  Next time you make a tomato based sauce B but with different ingredients, and you have left over sauce again, add it to sauce A and deep freeze it. So you end up with a container full of sauces A + B + C and so on.
-  Then, say, you made another sauce X with various Chinese sauces, deep freeze left over sauce in a different container than the above.
-  When you prepare another sauce Y with different Chinese Sauces to X, then add the left over sauce Y to sauce X and deep freeze it and so on.
One day you are plain out of everything, or you don't feel like cooking from scratch, then you take the sauce of your choice out of the freezer, thaw it, doctor it a bit, et voila!
However, once you thawed a sauce, and you changed your mind and do not want to use it, proper healthy culinary practice says you cannot freeze it again. Either you use it or keep it for a day in your fridge.  If you do not use it, then throw it away.
Just a thought I wanted to share with you guys out there who like to cook food with sauces.
Till next time


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